Hey there, my name is Liza. I am the founder of Battle Your Bulimia, and here is a little bit about me:

I am a bulimia recovery and personal development coach. Today I live a life of complete FREEDOM from food obsession and bulimic behaviors, negative thoughts, and old dis-empowering beliefs, dieting, self-sabotaging and drama. I am very PASSIONATE with everything I do. I live and breathe happiness, gratitude, and joy every single day. In other words, I’m high on life! 😊

But it wasn’t always like that… I used to struggle with severe bulimia. For over 13 years I wrestled with binging and purging, deep dark depression, binge-drinking and even had suicidal thoughts. My weight fluctuations were like an American roller coaster, the body image was shot to hell, and the war with food and dieting completely dominated my life.

It was living hell... constant trial and error to find a way out, endless promises to stop “after this one last time”, new revolutionary diets that never worked… In 2014-15, I went through an intensive outpatient program and learned a lot of practical tools that helped me to get better.

But my recovery would never be complete unless I discovered how to rewire my brain and reprogram myself. After I successfully combined traditional therapy approach with the power of personal development, my recovery just skyrocketed. I’ve learned how to reverse the negative bulimia conditioning and overcome the dysfunctional patterns in my head.

I’ve learned to spot out my thinking errors and turn them around into positive and empowering thoughts. I’ve primed my emotions to stay positive and experience happiness and joy, even on a most shitty day.

Today, I am vibrant, alive, charged and FREE! I have finally awakened, after 13 years of sleep-walking through life! Life has never been better, now after I fully recovered…

In 2015, I launched Battle Your Bulimia and started helping other women to set themselves free. I love to lead and help others on their journey to bright recovery and happiness! I truly believe every single person who is battling with disordered behaviors, food obsessions, and negative thoughts right now can recover.

If that’s you, I would love to share with you my recovery and life wisdom and show you how you can knock bulimia out and reclaim your freedom. Because you are worth it!

Welcome to the family,

Liza “Bulimia Recovery Warrior” Kulimanova

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