Best 30 Eating Disorder and Mental Health YouTubers 2017

It’s such an honor to announce The Best 30 Eating Disorder and Mental Health YouTubers of the Year, who have literally been saving lives of thousands of people by providing practical advice and sound wisdom. Thank you very much for all the love, care, and support.

We all know that there is a lot of video content on the Internet. But we decided to nominate the best of the best video creators, who have been consistent with their work, honest about their experiences and caring about their subscribers.

Here are The Best 30 Eating Disorder And Mental Health YouTubers of 2017, who have been sharing their recovery journeys and expertise to help others to get better.

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The Ultimate Guide To Eating Disorder Recovery Grants

What do you do when bulimia takes over you and …

You don’t have any money to go to therapy?

Because let’s face it, eating disorder treatment is super expensive.

Today, only 1 out of 10 people suffering from an ED gets real help.

One of the reasons is the high treatment cost.

If you have insurance, you first need to meet your deductible, and then, and only then the insurance company will cover some part of your expenses.

The bottom line is…

Most of the money will have to come out of your pocket.

In this Guide I will show you:

  • how I was able to receive a full-year bulimia treatment grant worth about $25,000;
  • where I applied to receive the grant;
  • the EXACT steps I took to get the financial support.

Bulimia Recovery Stories: 13 Years Of Suffering Lead To Helping Others


It’s time to tell recovery stories

If you’ve ever been stuck in massive emotional pain and paralyzed by your eating disorder,

You probably understand…

If you’ve binged and purged for several days in a row, stole food, binge drank to numb out,

We are speaking the same language…

If you’ve lied to people you love, had a dark secret you didn’t dare to share with anyone,

We have at least one thing in common…

My name is Liza, and I am a bulimia warrior!

I used to suffer from an eating disorder for over 13 years,

And this is my recovery story

Best 40 Eating Disorder Blogs 2016

If you are looking for insightful, inspiring, and educational eating disorder recovery blogs, you have come to the right place.

Here are the 40 best eating disorder blogs online.

As you know there is no shortage of high-quality eating disorder blogs on the web.

But we decided to separate the true eating disorder survivors from the common theory and dry facts,

and give you the absolute best of the best.

Here’re the 40 brave eating disorder survivors who have shared their stories and helped others to recover.

Whether you have been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time…or simply have questions about food, body image, behaviors, these recovery blogs give you tools,

or simply have questions about food, body image, behaviors…

these recovery blogs give you tools, tips, and techniques you need to get the most out of your recovery.

Get The Most Out Of Your Recovery.

9 Deadly Myths About Eating Disorders Finally Busted

“Do you even know anything about bulimia? 

You look fine to me! Plus men like “curvy” women!” 

that was my mother’s respond to my very first attempt to open up about my bulimia…

As terrifying as it was, her statement absolutely reflected on Myths About Eating Disorders.

So, I figured it’s time to cut the Bull and boil it down to a simple truth…

For all THOSE who blindly believe that Twiggy Lawson and Kirstie Alley set the “standards” for having ED –


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