Best 40 Eating Disorder Blogs 2016

If you are looking for insightful, inspiring, and educational eating disorder recovery blogs, you have come to the right place.  Here are the 40 best eating disorder blogs online.

As you know there is no shortage of high-quality eating disorder blogs on the web. But I decided to separate the true eating disorder survivors from the common theory and dry facts, and give you the absolute best of the best.

Here’re the 40 brave eating disorder survivors who have shared their stories and helped others to recover.

Whether you have been struggling with an eating disorder for a long time…or simply have questions about food, body image, behaviors, these recovery blogs give you tools,

or simply have questions about food, body image, behaviors…

these recovery blogs give you tools, tips, and techniques you need to get the most out of your recovery.

Get The Most Out Of Your Recovery.

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Best 40 Eating Disorder Blogs 2016

Amanda “Running With Spoons”

Amanda is a recipe creator, a food photographer, a blogger and the mastermind behind the “Running with spoons.” After she successfully recovered from her eating disorder, Amanda became obsessed with creating new healthy and nutritious recipes and food photography. Today Amanda is successfully running her own private coaching practice and helping people to overcome their struggles with poor body image and disordered eating behaviors. Follow Amanda on Pinterest

Michelle, “The Fat Nutritionist”

Michelle is registered dietician with a big heart. She has a great experience, education, and certifications in nutrition, and truly cares about peoples’ well-being and health. Michelle is the master of her skill when it comes to helping people to stop chronic dieting, peaky eating or binge eating. She works with people online, helps them to overcome their eating struggles and learn food competence.

Follow her @fatnutritionist on Twitter.

Golda Poretski, “Body Love Wellness”

Golda is on a mission to empower every plus size woman to live a fulfilled and joyful life despite her size or weight. Being on and off different diets since she was 4 years old, Golda truly understands the real struggles and the core psychological effects of chronical dieting. Before she made peace with food and herself, she lived a stressful life full of shame over her size and pressure to look a certain way. Today Golda provides a unique judgment-free coaching for those who are stuck in dieting and self-shaming. Follow Golda on Facebook


Sam Thomas, MGEDT (Men Get Eating Disorders Too)

Sam Thomas is the founder of “Men Get Eating Disorders Too” – a charitable organization to raise the awareness of eating disorders in men. After recovering from bulimia nervosa, Sam realized how hard it is to be a man struggling with an eating disorder. Today MGEDT is a leading organization in supporting men with eating disorders and their families to get heard and obtain help and treatment they really deserve.

You can connect with Sam on Facebook

Bev Mattocks

Bev is a dedicated writer and eating disorder awareness advocate. Bev never had an eating disorder, but she fought so hard for her teenage son, who suffered from anorexia, to get better. As a loving and caring mother, she had to find a way to save him, and she did. Today she talks about their experiences on her blog and books. She is the author of a popular book “Please Eat… A mother’s struggle to free her son from anorexia.” You can find it on Amazon. She is also a member of F.E.A.S.T. UK (Families Empowered and Supporting Treatment of Eating Disorders).

Follow Bev on Facebook

Christine Kane

Christine struggled with bulimia and addictive eating for long years. Today sh is not ashamed to admit that she had bulimia in the past. For her, it’s all history, it doesn’t control her. Christine is an expert of her own experience with her eating disorder. She sees her struggle as a gift, that made her stronger. Today Kane empowers others to get better. She is a blogger, a motivational speaker, and an extremely successful businesswoman. Follow Christine on Facebook

Sarah E. Canney “Ran Far Girl”

“Ran Far Girl” started as an inspiring blog, where its creator, Sarah, was openly sharing her life story and struggles she was going through. Sarah is a mother of three, an anorexia and bulimia defeater and a passionate runner. She is USA Track and Road Runner Club of America Certified Coach, who has achieved great results in long distance running. Today Sarah helps other people to reach their running goals. Her coaching style is very individual.

Follow Sarah @runfargirl on Twitter

Liana and Kristina “Project HEAL”

These two amazing young women are the founders of Project HEAL – a nonprofit organization that helps raise money for eating disorder sufferers. Liana and Kristina met each other at the treatment center for anorexia nervosa when they were only 13. They supported each other throughout their recovery journey and at the age of 15 decided to help others to recover as well. In 2008, they founded Project HEAL to raise money for those eating disorder suffers who didn’t have any finances to get treatment. In 2015 I was one of the scholarship recipients.  It is my privilege to nominate Liana and Kristina for “best Eating Disorder Influencer” Award. Thank you very much for saving my life and lives of hundreds of other men and women!

You can follow Project HEAL on Facebook

Meg Doll

Meg is a registered holistic nutritionist. After losing a close family member to cancer at the age of 10, she developed an eating disorder. She then was able to recover and enjoy life for several years. At the age of 16, Meg relapsed and her battle with anorexia started all over. After hitting the rock bottom, she started her journey towards a full recovery. Along the way, Meg studied dietetics and holistic nutrition. Today her knowledge and experience have been nothing but helpful. She sees food as medicine and helps others to overcome their eating disorder struggles. Meg the RHN


JL Fields

JL Fields is a certified vegan lifestyle coach, an author, and editor at Stop Chasing Skinny. Stop Chasing Skinny is an initiative by JL which encourages people to stop living by the scale, and the amount of food they, and instead focus on living healthy and happy. She is also the author of ‘Vegan Pressure Cooking: Delicious, Beans, Grains, and One-Pot Meals in Minutes’ and the CEO and founder of JL Fields Consulting – a company which provides fundraising strategy, planning and implementation for non-profit organizations.

JL @notaskinnyvegan on Twitter

Jenni Schaefer

Jenni Schaefer, a singer, motivational speaker, and author is one of the most prominent figures who help people with eating disorders. She has appeared countless times on Dr. Phil and Dr. Oz and has given speeches on improving body images and increasing self-esteem at Harvard as well as Yale. Her anthologies are published in Chicken Soup for the Soul. Jenni is the best-selling author of ‘Life Without Ed: How One Woman Declared Independence from her Eating Disorder and How You Can Too’, drawing her on her own experience from when she herself suffered and recovered from an eating disorder. Having an ardent interest in biking and hiking, she lives in Texas. Follow Jenni @JenniSchaefer on Twitter

Anne Sophie Reihardt

Anne Sophie Reihardt, the blogger of Escape Diet Prison, is strictly anti-diet, and works with the mantra that says, “Stop letting what you eat define who you are”. She runs a support group for people who are too obsessed with dieting and weight loss that they have stopped enjoying life instead. The yo-yo dieting phenomenon. Anne herself was afflicted with purge and binge disorder as well as yo-yo dieting for 14 years of her life and she swears that it is possible to get your life back to normal with a positive body image and zero guilt status when you eat something good. Follow Anne on Instagram

Sunny Sea Gold

Sunny Sea Gold, an author, blogger and a mommy of two. The former on-staff editor at both the Glamour and Seventeen magazine draws inspiration from her own time as a former binge eater. Her blog, Healthy Girl, which comes with the tagline, ‘helping each other get sane about food’, helps the young girls and mothers of young girls break their stereotypes about all the food myths and body image problems. The Author of Food: The Good Girl’s Drugs, boasts the all true tagline, ‘how to stop using food to control your feelings’, and deals with the everyday eating habits and disorders of teens and adolescents alike. Follow Sunny Sea Gold @SunnySeaGold on Twitter

Polly Mertens

Polly Mertens, an author of EBook Bulimia Recovery Stories, is also a blogger at “Get Busy Thriving” as well as a public speaker and a life coach. She also helps people get over any and all eating disorders by sharing her own struggles and triumphs. After suffering from bulimia for 20 years, Polly now has a healthy relationship with food and her body. She has been focusing on helping others to overcome their struggles with disordered eating and everything that comes with it.

Follow Polly on Facebook

Joanna Kay

Joanna is an interactive writer living in New York. She is also a blogger and the founder of the award-winning blog “Middle Ground Musings”. After more than 11 years of living with an eating disorder, she admitted herself to a treatment program in December 2013. Today she is working really hard towards her full recovery. Her blog offers a view from that middle ground to anyone who has ever been touched by an eating disorder — survivors, supporters, professionals, and anyone who simply desires to know more.

Follow Joanna Kay on Facebook

Jessica Walsh

Jessica is a talented designer working in New York City. She has a very extradentary personality and a unique vision of the world. Her work has won design awards from a lot of prestigious centers. Jessica struggled with anorexia and self-harm for a very long time… Her eating disorder started as an attempt to get a full control over her life. She’s been depressed, hopeless, and lost… She went to different treatment centers and knows what a mental health illness really is. Today Jessica has been 12 years recovered from her abusive eating disorder. “12kindsofindness” is a passion project of hers where she shares her beautiful recovery story with others.

Follow Jessica on YouTube 12kindsofkindness

Tabitha Farrar

Tabitha is a passionate writer and a podcaster, a blogger and the mastermind behind “Tabitha Farrar”. After her successful recovery from Anorexia Nervosa, Tabitha now writes and podcast about eating disorder recovery for adults. She is a founding member of the International Eating Disorder Action and an organizing member of Eating Disorders Action Day. She authored an educational memoir on eating disorder recovery and insight “Love Fat” and has written numerous eating disorder recovery guides for adults. Farrar set up two forums for adults with eating disorders in active recovery.

Follow Tabitha @Love_Fat_ onTwitter

Kendra Sebelius

Kendra is an extremely passionate writer, an emotional blogger and an advocate for awareness of co-morbidities in eating disorders, substance abuse, and self-hurt. She strives to help others learn to love and accept who they are. Kendra is successfully running her mega blog where she helps people overcome their struggles with body image concerns, health, media literacy, and body diversity and disordered eating behaviors. She is a brave woman who is currently in recovery from numerous eating disorders, substance abuse struggles.

Follow Kendra on Facebook 

Isabel Foxen Duke

Isabel is a super rad health coach, a blogger and a passionate writer teaching women to stop obsessing about food and weight. She is the mastermind behind her website “Isabel Foxen Duke.” After successfully recovering from a compulsive eating disorder, Isabel now successfully runs her private coaching practice and teaches women to stop thinking like a dieter and start eating normally. She tries to get these women to live a normal life and let them know that their lives do not have to revolve around food.

Follow Isabel @IsabelFoxenDuke on Twitter

Carolin, Beauty Beyond The Bones

Carolin is a creator of an inspirational eating disorder blog “Beauty Beyond The Bones.” She started documenting her personal struggles and the journey of anorexia recovery several years ago. Today her blog reminds a great book, where Carolin is the Super Hero. After struggling with depression and battling anorexia for several years, Carolin found meaningful freedom through Christ and set herself free. Today she is a happy young woman, who writes about her personal experience and through her writing helps other people to get better.

Follow Carolin @anarevealed on Twitter

Izzy, “Life Without Anorexia”

Izzy is a creative, motivational and inspirational writer of a personal eating disorder recovery blog “Life Without Anorexia.” After Struggling with anorexia, self-harm, depression, and over-exercising for 5 years, Izzy successfully overcame her eating disorder. Today she has been recovered for over 4 years and is helping others to do the same. Izzy is a dedicated blogger, who shares her personal story, struggles and battles to show every single person out there, that recovery is possible. Follow her personal blog Life Without Anorexia

Kelly Clark

Kelly used to be a chronic dieter who struggled with weight for over 10 years. Her battle was finally over when she stopped dieting. Today Kelly helps others to shift their dieting mentality and overcome weight challenges. She has a very informative blog “The10Principles”  where she talks about common weight loss misconceptions, educates about mental health, healthy eating, and exercising. She learned a lot of great weight-loss strategies along the way and wants to share her experience to make those 10 years count.

Melissa Henriquez

Melissa is the creator of “Let There Be Light” – a blog about personal struggles with disordered eating. She started writing to help herself to overcome the “demons” inside and live a happy fulfilled life she desires and deserves to live. She strives to help others do the same and that’s another reason behind creating this beautiful blog. What makes it even more interesting, is that Melissa documented both of her pregnancies and shared her journey with the readers. She blogs about motherhood, pregnancy experience, and her beautiful 2 kids.

Follow Melissa @Lissa10279/ on Twitter

Julie Kerr

A former fashion icon and a successful model, who struggled with bulimia for over 17 years. Julie knows everything about bulimia because she lived it day in and day out. She struggled with binging and purging, overeating, restricting, exercising for a very long time, until one day she attended “The Landmark Forum”. That was the time when Julie discovered personal development and started her journey of soul-searching and personal growth. She studied life and intuitive coaching, NLP, and became good at it. Today Julie is a successful bulimia recovery coach, who helps people suffering from bulimia to break free from this eating disorder.

Follow Julie on YouTube

Lauryn Lox

Lauryn is an amazingly brave and strong young woman. She is THE HERO of her life story, who won a 14-year long battle with anorexia nervosa and went from extreme restriction to thriving in life. Today Lauren is on a mission to help others to end their battle with eating disorders, obsession with food and exercising. She wants her clients to become the best versions of themselves, so they can experience the true freedom. Lauran has great experience in coaching and helping others. She is an expert nutritionist, occupational therapist, coach, and a woman on a mission.

Follow Lauryn on Facebook

Elisa Oras

Elisa is a creator and a mastermind behind “Follow the Intuition.” She has a history of bulimia, orthorexia, and depression. Today that experience helps her support others and teach them everything she knows about eating disorders, diets and physical and mental recovery. She created this website to help people who are struggling with diet-induced eating disorders to overcome their challenges and learn how to listen to their internal signals. Elisa knows the struggle from the inside and put a lot of her wisdom and experience in her book “BrainwashED” which is available on Amazon.

Follow Elisa on Instagram

Elizabeth Mauro

From as early as she can remember, Elizabeth has always been a vibrant and full of energy girl. She has always been very sensitive to all the energy and emotions of everyone around her. Very often Elizabeth didn’t know how to manage those intense and uncomfortable emotions, so she started using junk food to make herself feel better. She used to struggle with binge eating and her relationship with food for a very long time. She was very determined to find the answers, so one day she decided to go backpacking to Europe. That was the time she started reconnecting with herself and transforming. Today is recovered and helps others to get better. Elizabeth created a place for women where they can come and foster healthier relationships with food.

Follow Elizabeth on Facebook

Martha Kate

Martha is an outstanding and beautiful soul, who is in recovery from anorexia nervosa. Her life used to be dictated by her Eating Disorder for over 12 years. Today, she is full of life and energy and is happier than ever. Martha was saved by grace and today feels her calling to help other women to recover and get better. She is the creator and the mastermind behind “Leaving perfection, learning grace” – an inspirational blog where she opens up and tells her recovery story.

Follow Martha on Twitter

Caroline Adams Miller

Caroline is a professional coach, a talented writer, educator, and speaker who specializes in positive psychology and its application to goal success. She struggled with bulimia and stayed in recovery for almost 30 years, with her experience while recovering she’s written different books on how she recovered. Her work has gone on to help millions of people. They have been translated into multiple languages and have been featured in worldwide media. Caroline also appears on TV in Washington D.C market and some prestigious shows, such as my TEDx show.

Follow Caroline on YouTube

Anna, Diary of a Former FOOD ADDICT

Anna is a charismatic blogger and the mastermind behind Diary of a former food addict. As a child, she struggled with food addiction until she made the decision to break the addiction. After her successful recovery from been a food addict, Anna became obsessed with helping people like her successfully overcome their food addiction; she does this through her writing. Today, Anna successfully runs her personal blog and is helping a lot of people overcome their struggles with food addiction through her insightful and experienced writing.

Stefanie Nielsen

For long, Stefanie Nielsen had been struggling with an eating disorder. Binge and/or emotional eating became a part of her life. Throughout her life, she was ‘the chubby pretty girl’, boys used to like her pretty face but would say negative remarks about her body. She tried a lot of different methods to have a successful weight-loss journey, but to no avail. Although she’d shed a few pounds, she’d gain back her weight in a short time. Eventually, she had a word with different coaches and mentors. Step by step, she climbed the ladder of success. She didn’t only get the desired weight but she has now started to be a guide to other such people who are struggling with weight loss.

You can follow her @StefanieNielsen on Twitter


Rebekah was diagnosed with anorexia in 2009 and she is now on her path to recovery. Back in 2012, she was certain that she had defeated her disorder but in October of the same year, she relapsed. Rebekah has a bachelor degree in Journalism. She is currently pursuing her studies and looking forward to fighting her battle more passionately. She looks forward to helping and support too which would keep her moving.

Follow Rebekah on Facebook

Lindsay Hall

Lindsay Hall went to a rehab for an eating disorder in 2014 when she was 24 years old. She knew it then that a proper help and an institution can help her overcome her disorder. She went to a rehab and embarked on her journey towards health. After having a six-week treatment, Hall now shares her journey with those people who are fighting with such disorders. She shares her experience honestly and gives every single detail of the experience. She is an amazingly strong woman.

Follow Lindsey on Facebook

Debbie Williams

Debbie Williams is a NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist specializing in food issues living in the UK. She has a great personality and a unique vision of the world. Debbie struggled with bulimia for a very a long time. She has been depressed, hopeless and lost. She went to different treatment centers and knows what mental health illness really is. Today Debbie has been 15 years recovered from her bulimia. “Stopbulimia” is a passion project of hers where she shares and helps people recover from bulimia.

Follow Debbie @Beat_Bulimia on Twitter

Shira Moskowitz

Shira is in recovery for an eating disorder. She blogs about her journey. Her writings are a beacon of hope for all those who are struggling with eating disorders. She is 24 years old. She hasn’t been on a scale for about two years now. She wants to create a community where people can share their experiences and struggles -hence the blog. The blog entries are for everyone who is tired of watching their bodies in a mirror. She wants to help people who want to be comfortable in their bodies by eating right.

Follow Shira on Facebook

Ruby Tuesday

Ruby Tuesday maintains a blog which is meant to help people struggling with any kind of eating disorder. Tuesday had bulimia and now she has recovered from her disorder. She underwent therapy and came out as a survivor. Her blog is now for all those who have either embarked the path to recovery or will do so in the coming future.

Follow Ruby on Google+

Emma Clark

Emma Clark is a passionate and zealous blogger, with a very avid personality and an exceptional view of the world. She struggled with anorexia, depression, and anxiety for a long time and she is now in recovery. Her depression and anxiety started as an attempt to get full control of life, this has made her unhappy and dejected until she decided to stop letting it bring her down and get a solution to it. While in recovery Emma runs her blog where she shares inspiring tips and enlightens people who are on the path as she has been. Her awesome book Hiraeth: A Compilation of Poetry is also available for download.

Follow Emma on Twitter

Kristin Gerstley

Kristin Gerstley is a coach, professional speaker, and an avid blogger, living in Houston, Texas. She struggled with binge eating for a long time. Kristin felt all the usual downs of binge eating. It was making her very unhappy. One day she took a positive decision to change her situation and got started on the road to recovery. Today Kristin has successfully recovered from binge eating and she happily lives her dreams of being a coach and successfully runs her coaching practice. Kristine is an inspiration and has helped a lot of people recover from the same problem she once faced.

You can check out her blog here EndBingeEatingNow

Arielle Lee Bair

Arielle Lee Bair is a passionate writer, a hospice social worker and an exceptional blogger full of positivity. She has a very extradentary individuality and a unique view of the world. This great attitude makes the fact that Arielle struggled with an eating disorder for a very long time seem almost unbelievable. For long she was depressed and felt hopeless about her disordered eating habit. She, however, decided to take a step and put an end to herself. Today Arielle successfully runs her blog Adventures Uncensored and helps people overcome their struggles with not just poor body image and disordered eating behaviors but all life’s challenges as a whole taking on topics like grief and loss.

You can follow her @ArielleLeeBair on Twitter


After struggling with severe eating disorder for over 13 years, Salt not only fully recovered from her eating disorder, but also transformed to a very confident, strong leader. She is on a mission to help women to find their true selves, become the strongest they have ever been and start living life LOUD on THEIR OWN TERMS. SALT runs a coaching certification program called THE FREEDOM FORCE, she is an amazing motivational speaker and deeply cares about the women that she is working with. Today she is creating the world’s next generation of powerful eating disorder coaches.

You can follow SALT on Facebook

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