Best 30 Eating Disorder and Mental Health YouTubers 2017

It’s such an honor to announce The Best 30 Eating Disorder and Mental Health YouTubers of the Year, who have literally been saving lives of thousands of people by providing practical advice and sound wisdom. Thank you very much for all the love, care, and support.

We all know that there is a lot of video content on the Internet. But we decided to nominate the best of the best video creators, who have been consistent with their work, honest about their experiences and caring about their subscriber.

Here are The Best 30 Eating Disorder And Mental Health YouTubers of 2017, who have been sharing their recovery journeys and expertise to help others to get better.

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Best 30 Eating Disorder and Mental Health YouTubers 2017

 Kati Morton

No matter what you are struggling with, the chances are you will find some great answers on this YouTube Channel. Kati is a licensed therapist and a mental health advocate. Her YouTube channel library has almost 900 videos, covering everything from depression to eating disorders, from anxiety to self-harm and much more! Kati is extremely supportive and very knowledgeable, subscribing to her channel will absolutely boost your recovery and bring more awareness about your mental struggle or disorder.

Subscribe to Kati’s channel here

EDucating Shanny

This YouTube channel is exactly what recovery from an eating disorder looks like. Shanny is a brave and authentic young woman, who is recovering from an eating disorder. She is not scared of being open and vulnerable about her daily mental struggles and the physical toll, that her eating disorder has had on her. She uploads the video vlogs daily and covers every single aspect of eating disorders and recovery. Seeing Shanny getting into a better place over the years really gives hope to all who’s is struggling with ED.

EDucating Shanny on YouTube

Josie Mai

Are you struggling with binge eating? If so, this channel will help you to break the vicious cycle.

Josie is a bright college student who is trying to become a stronger, healthier, better version of herself! She struggled with restrictive borderline anorexia and sever binge eating, but could transform herself into a healthy intuitive eater and fitness enthusiast. Her YouTube channel is packed with quality videos on how to overcome binge eating, delicious food recipes and great fitness tips and workouts.

Please subscribe to Josie’s YouTube channel here 


Mental health is something people don’t talk about… But not of this channel. Kristen is a passionate mental health advocate, who promotes recovery, raises awareness and supports all who are in a struggle.  When Kristen was young, she diagnosed herself with intense anxiety and depression through Google. She instantly felt lost and alone. Today she is on the mission to help people who are going through the same things she went through when she was younger. Her channel is filled with great inspirational and educational videos on mental health and packed with a lot of practical self-care techniques!

LikeKristen YouTube channel

Authentic Mental Health

Authentic Mental Health is a safe online community for people who are battling mental illnesses day in and day out. Charlie, the creator of Authentic Mental Health, struggles with anxiety and depression himself. He created this YouTube channel to raise awareness about mental illnesses and support everyone who is in need. Charlie is very open and authentic when it comes to sharing his personal story of recovery and all the helpful tips and tricks that he has learned along the way. This channel is judgment and criticism-free and promotes positivity, compassion, and care.

Please subscribe to Charlie’s channel here.

What Mia Did Next

Started as a personal recovery dairy, What Mia Did Next quickly grew into a strong and engaging online community of people who are battling their eating disorders daily. Mia Findlay, the creator of What Mia Did Next, is an eating disorder survivor and advocate who promotes recovery and positive body image. Her YouTube channel has great videos on mental health, eating disorder recovery and everything in between. She shares her personal recovery experience to inspire and encourage others to open up about their mental struggles.

Please subscribe to Mia’s channel here

Anna Banana

Are you a passionate vegan who is overcoming an eating disorder? If so, this YouTube channel will be a great fit for you. Ana created her YouTube channel to share her best easy-to-make, healthy and delicious vegan recipes, that will blow you away and also promote you with recovery.  She loves supporting and helping everyone who is overcoming their eating disorder.

If you want to become friends, as Ana says – click to subscribe here

The Mental Health Herbalist

Do you want to learn how to use plants and herbs to achieve good health and wellbeing? If so, you are going to love this YouTube channel. Dr. Tom O Brien specializes in treating depression and anxiety through an old traditional holistic approach. He created his YouTube channel to teach people how to use herbs and foods to improve their mental health and manage life stress. His video library is packed with great valuable information on natural remedies for anxiety and depression, practical tips to overcoming alcohol addiction, sleep disorders and much more.

Please subscribe here.

Kelly U

If you want to find someone who really understands you, you are at the right place.

Kelly is an extremely open and honest, brave and courageous youtuber, who is struggling with an eating disorder and not scared to admit that. She is an absolute jewel in eating disorder community because she really makes you feel that you are not alone in this food battle. Kelly U created her YouTube channel to share her personal struggles and break the stigma on mental health. She promotes eating disorder and binge eating recovery, self-love, and self-acceptance and fights the overwhelming fear of weight gain.

To support Kelly on her mission and join the battle for mental health, subscribe to her channel.

Mind, the Mental Health Charity is YouTube channel that was created to support people with mental health problems and raise the awareness about mental illnesses. “Mind” is one of the most well-established mental health organizations in Europe. It has been saving lives for over 60 years. It is a charity and relies on donations. If you would like to become a member of this community and help fight mental illnesses, please subscribe here.

Julia Kristina Counselling

If you are looking for a good resource to help you become happier, more balanced, and accept yourself as who you are, you are going to like this channel. Julia Kristina has been consistently creating helpful, supportive and practical videos to support everyone on their journey to less stressed, anxious or depressed life. She is a Vancouver-based clinical counselor with great credentials and experience. Treating anxiety, overwhelm, depression and self-doubt is her specialty. Please subscribe to Julie’s channel here.

Healthy Place Mental Health is an exclusive mental health YouTube channel that features metal health videos created by both mental health professionals and people who are struggling with mental illnesses. It’s a great place to not only learn more about mental struggles but also become a member of a supportive and caring community. The video library is incredible, has over 1400 videos and growing every day. Please support their YouTube channel here.

Follow The Intuition

Created by an eating disorder survivor, this YouTube channel full of great practical advice and sound wisdom. Elisa had struggled with bulimia and orthorexia herself, and after overcoming her eating disorder dedicated her time to helping supporting others who are going through the same struggles. She talks about every single aspect of eating disorder recovery from fear of weight gain to counting calories, from restricting to binge eating. She delivers great value and openly shares all the tips of advice she has learned along the way.

Subscribe to Elisa’s channel

Weight loss Apocalypse stands out from the rest of the YouTube channels, hands down. The reason being, it primarily has the videos of one-on-one consultations with its creator Robin Phipps. Robin focuses on helping people with eating disorders of any nature – anorexia, binge eating, exercise addiction, emotional eating, dieting addiction, etc. She offers help and support and educates on how to stop the weight loss-dieting madness and break free from the behavioral and food prison.

Subscribe to WeightLoss Apocalypse here.

Rethink Mental Illness is the best mental health membership charity in the nation. Their YouTube channel is dedicated to all of those who are struggling with severe mental illnesses and are on the road to recovery. Rethink Mental Health provides help and support, give advice and information and fight discrimination for better services. If you are looking for more help or would like to support others and help them overcome their mental illness, please subscribe to Rethink Mental Illness here.

Mental Health Vlogs

This supportive YouTube Channel was started to raise more awareness about mental illnesses. Struggling with OCD herself, Kat the brain behind Mental Health Vlogs, create her YouTube channel to talk more in-depth about OCD and the issues OCD sufferers face every day. If you happen to have OCD, please don’t get discouraged! Subscribe to Kat’s YouTube channel and you will feel supported and understood. She offers inspirational, educational, collaboration videos to help you to get better. Here is the link to Kat’s YouTube channel.

Teen Mental Health is the gem in the mental health community. They focus on improving the mental health of youth by the effective translation and transfer of scientific knowledge. The YouTube channel has a lot to offer. The animated mental health series is very captivating and easy to digest. on YouTube

Life With Lydia

Lydia is a lifestyle and certified health coach. After overcoming binge eating herself, Lydia has developed a non-traditional therapy approach to fight the disorder. She has been helping hundreds of women to solve their binge eating problem and obtain long-lasting results. Her YouTube channel not only provides a lot of amazing tips and tricks on how to battle BED but also has a ton of interesting interviews with professionals, book authors in the industry and very inspirational recovery stories. You can subscribe to Life With Lydia here.

Mental Health Channel TV is on the mission to promote positive conversations about mental health and wellness. Their YouTube channel is dedicated to all of the people out there who are suffering from mental health illnesses and need help and support. Mental Health Channel TV offers 12 original documentary series that are available to anyone anywhere. Every episode is absolutely free to watch and share. If you would like to support Mental Health Channel TV, you can find more information here. Please take a couple of moments and share their extremely valuable content.

Michelle Elman

Michelle is a body-positivity advocate, who talks about self-love and self-acceptance. Her YouTube channel has been viewed over 90,000 times and counting. That means, behind every view, there is a real person, who Michelle helped and supported. On this YouTube channel, you will find practical tips on how to improve your body image and obtain body confidence, embrace your body scars and stop being insecure. Michelle also does great book reviews, interesting Q&As, Vlogs and much more. You can connect with Michelle here.

Kate Elizabeth

This YouTube channel was born out of personal struggle. Kate Elizabeth struggled with both bulimia and anorexia since she was a little girl. The eating disorder has stolen away so many precious years of her youth, that now, Kate is passionate about helping and supporting men and women to overcome ED. Kate is a recovery warrior! Her YouTube channel provides real-life insights into eating disorders and advice on how to recover. If you are looking for more support and information on recovery, subscribe to her channel here.

Motivated Maddie

Maddie is a self-love advocate, and eating disorder recovery personnel, who is on a mission to inspire and educate others. She is also a fitness enthusiast and a driven certified personal trainer. Maddie is working on overcoming binge eating and is very honest and open about her struggles. She shares her personal successes and failures and helps to really understand what binge eating is about and it makes you feel. On Motivated Maddie, you can watch her recovery dairies, “what I eat in a day” videos, workout and meal ideas. You can support Maddie here.

Brittany Brown

This YouTube channel is dedicated to beating binge eating and obtaining freedom from food addiction. On her channel, Brittany talks about The Beating Binge Eating Blueprint and shares her tips and wisdom on how to overcome the food challenge. Brittany is on a mission to help people who struggle with emotional eating and radically transform their relationship with food, themselves and their bodies. You can find out more about Brittany’s channel here.

Beat ED UK is a YouTube channel that stands out from the rest. Beat ED UK not only provides information about ED but also helps people who care for a family member or a friend with an eating disorder. This is an extremely valuable resource for anyone who is trying to help a loved one to get better. This organization has online support groups and holds conferences to teach caregivers practical recovery skills and much more. You can support Beat ED UK YouTube channel here.

Your Beth Friend

This is a very fun YouTube channel, where you can find a lot of answers to day-to-day mental health questions. What makes it different, is the way the channel is created. Beth comes up with interesting ideas and questions to get the answers to how certain things effect mental health. She puts herself through the trials of attempting mental health advice and showing these practices in action. Follow her journey here.

Mental Health With Leona

Leona is a certified play and creative arts therapist from England. Her YouTube channel is nothing but positive vibes and happiness. She creates content very consistently and talks about black and white thinking, depression and anxiety, PTSD, and much more. Here you can learn how to develop positive life-changing habits, become happier and more present. If you are looking to take your recovery to the next level, this YouTube channel will be a great place to start. You can subscribe here.

Simple And Practical Mental Health is a YouTube channel where you can get helpful and practical tips, latest news, and in-depth information about mental health. This channel is created specifically for busy mental health clinicians. However, if you are looking for good for good quality information about your mental illness, you are more than welcome to subscribe here. Simple And Practical Mental health is delivering well-researched and authoritative content only. They are focused on delivering useful, practical, and brief, written in easily readable language content.

Let’s talk mental health was created to raise the awareness about different mental illnesses. Bree Bacon, the creator and the brain behind Let’s Talk Mental Health YouTube channel is not a licensed professional or therapist. But she is very passionate about mental health and thinks that mental health discussions are very important. Bree is trying to support those who are battling mental illnesses day in and day out. Her YouTube channel includes videos explaining different types of mental illnesses to videos where people talk about their own experiences. Bree Bacon on YouTube.

Yoga for ED is the only channel on YouTube about yoga and eating disorder recovery. Here Jennifer Kreatsoulas shares her personal experience on how she uses yoga to battle her anorexia nervosa, stay mindful and centered. Jennifer offers an alternative and at the same time complimentary approach to healing from any type of eating disorders: BED, anorexia, bulimia, chronic dieting, etc. Her videos have very easy to follow yoga instructions, that anyone could follow, even if you have never touched a yoga mat. The channel is relatively new, please support it here.

Caroline Adams Miller. In 2015 Caroline was named “one of the ten Positive Psychology coaches to follow”. But it hadn’t been always like that. When she was younger, Caroline struggled with severe bulimia. She successfully recovered and became an eating disorder advocate. Today she is a strong leader, an author, an educator and a successful speaker. On her YouTube channel, you can find her TedTalk and the interviews on numerous TV channels. You can find out more about Caroline here.

If you are struggling with an eating disorder or have mental health challenges, you’ve come to the right place.

Here is the list of Best 30 supportive, knowledgeable and caring YouTubers who have been creating high-quality videos to promote mental health and eating disorder recovery. Please, subscribe to their channels and follow them on social media. They are amazing! I hope you enjoy.

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