Here is what Battle Your Bulimia Is All About

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions?

“How can I break the exhausting binging and purging cycle?”

“How can I get rid of my cravings and urges to binge-purge?”

“How can I break free from MY food addictions?”

“Is it ever going to get better?”

If YOU did, you are in the right place!

If YOU feel hopeless, confused and exhausted…

If YOU are tired of not having control over YOUR life…

If you’re struggling to make peace with food & your body…

If YOU are confused about your behaviors around food…

want to stop Binging and Purging…

If YOU have no idea how to get out of the Bulimia TRAP, and YOU are in MASSIVE pain…

You are in the right place!

Battle Your Bulimia promotes life FREE from eating disorders!

WE are on a mission to help as many women suffering from Bulimia Nervosa as possible.

We are here to tell YOU that RECOVERY IS POSSIBLE!!!

It is real, sound and bright!


Imagine for just a minute what it would feel like…

to be able to live a life FREE of food-frustrations & weight-worries;

to reconnect with YOUR friends & family, and do things that YOU are really passionate about…


Imagine being able to eat the food YOU want whenever YOU want it, feel good about YOURSELF and keep YOUR healthy weight…

Imagine being able to have peace of mind, be collected, focused and present…

How great would it be to get rid of your cravings to binge & purge, to shut down the demanding Bulimia voice in YOUR head, to love and be proud of YOUR body and set yourself FREE!


I am and the other survivors are a living proof, that IT IS POSSIBLE!

We offer online recovery courses and workshops; a lot of valuable information and training;

plenty of free content and inspiration; great support by people who really understand you!

Here you can learn how to…

  • become aware of Bulimia triggers;
  • cope with stress in a healthy way;
  • use your voice;
  • interrupt negative thinking patterns;
  • improve your body image;
  • learn intuitive eating.

All by using such skills like DBT, CBT, Chain Analysis, Emotion Cards, Meditation, and much more.

Here you will have access to a lot of valuable information on this nasty eating disorder!

Here you will get real help and assistance.

And it does not matter how many times you have failed before!


I want to welcome YOU to Battle Your Bulimia,

And congratulate YOU with taking such an important step towards YOUR recovery!!!


“Helping Brave Women To Recover From Bulimia” 

If You Would like to Start Your Recovery TODAY

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